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Management Structure

Executive Officer Structure

Position Name  
President and CEO Sekio Kishimoto  
Managing Director Mitsushige Yamamoto
  • COO,Performance Materials Division
Managing Director Shigeharu Tachibana
  • COO,Paper & White Paperboard Business Division
  • Material Logistics Department
Director CFO Yasuyuki Kondo  
Director Shigeru Wakamoto
  • COO, Production Technology Division
  • Deputy Division Manager, Safety, Environment & Quality Management Division
Director Hiroyuki Otsuka
  • Niigata Mill Manager, Paper & White Paperboard Business Division
Director (Outside Director) Mitsuyasu Iwata  
Director (Outside Director) Kazuo Nakase  
Director (Outside Director) Hiromitsu Kuramoto  
Director (Outside Director) Hiroko Nihei  
Corporate Officer CO-CFO Makoto Yanagisawa
  • CRO
  • General Affairs Department
  • Legal Affairs & Risk Management Department
  • Public Relations Department
Corporate Officer Masayuki Kuribayashi
  • Kishu Mill Manager, Paper & White Paperboard Business Division
Corporate Officer Koji Goto
  • Performance Materials Division
  • General Manager, Containerboard Department
Corporate Officer Kunihiko Kashima
  • COO,Group Business Investment Division
Corporate Officer Satoshi Miyake
  • Alberta-Pacific Forest Industries Inc.
  • President, CEO & CAO
Corporate Officer Tomoyuki Iida
  • COO,Resources & Raw Material Division
Corporate Officer Kunihiro Ando
  • Kanto Mill Manager,Paper & White Paperboard Business Division
Corporate Officer Maou Sugimoto
  • COO,Safety,Environment & Quality Management Division
  • Group Governance Administration Department
  • Information Systems Department
Corporate Officer Shu Mizuguchi
  • Performance Materials Department
  • Performance Materials Division
Corporate Officer Satoshi Okamoto
  • Chairman, Jiangmen Xinghui Paper Mill Co., Ltd.
Corporate Officer Takashi Kasahara
  • Personnel Department
  • Executives' Secretariat
  • CEO Office

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Auditing Structure

Position Name
Standing Audit & Supervisory Board Member Manabu Ueno
Outside Audit & Supervisory Board Member Jun Itoigawa
Outside Audit & Supervisory Board Member Keiji Watanabe

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