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IR Information

Consolidated Financial Highlights

Major financial data and indices for each fiscal year

Management Plans

Information on the long-term corporate vision and medium-term management plan

Integrated Report

Materials (PDF format) relating to IR information, including IR news, statements of accounts and explanatory materials

Note on IR Information
The IR information published on this website is for the purpose of providing financial information, policy plans and management plans, etc., of Hokuetsu Corporation (hereinafter "the Company"). However, this information includes elements that are subject to change, and does not therefore represent any kind of definitive statement or guarantee.
Furthermore, the public of information on this website is not for the purpose of soliciting investment in the Company. When actually engaging in investment, investors are requested to refrain from making an investment decision that is completely dependent on the information contained on this website, and to make a decision based on their own judgment. The Company and information providers cannot accept any responsibility for any losses accruing from the use of the information contained on this website.
Information contained on this website is subject to change or deletion without notice. Your understanding is appreciated.

Future Outlook
Part of the information published on this website includes statements pertaining to the future outlook. The Company cannot guarantee that assumptions, forecasts, and other information used in statements pertaining to the future outlook are accurate or that the outcomes will be as stated. Please note that actual future business results may be different from projected results due to changes in the business environment, etc.

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